La Ferme Gillette Branding

La Ferme Gillette is a dairy farm located in Eastern Ontario. They are a family owned company who have over 400 cows. They were also the home of the world record cow; Smurf. Smurf produced more than 57 000 gallons of milk in 15 years.

Their perception by others is that they are friendly, caring, family oriented, hardworking and treat their animals well. The company was searching for a logo design that was welcoming and professional.

After gathering research, the company was looking for a professional logo that would show the friendliness they have to offer. Keeping in mind that they are a dairy farm was very important. With this information, when thinking of dairy, cows and milk are the first things that came to mind. Many sketches were created using cows until the appropriate one was formed.

The final symbol chosen was of a cow. Only using it’s key characteristics make it unique yet identifiable. The symbol gives the company the friendliness they are looking for while the text creates contrast and professionalism.