Pocket Mechanic App Design

Many people drive cars but know nothing about them. Having an app that simplifies car maintenance would help them a lot. No one enjoys worrying about their car or wasting time at the shop.

Pocket Mechanic is an app for anyone who owns a vehicle. It is a maintenance tracking app to help users save money and stay safe. The app offers 24 hour access to the levels and important warning lights associated to the vehicle. Pocket Mechanic eliminates unneeded trips to the mechanic. It also allows you to track your loved ones and make sure they have a working vehicle.

The main goal was to create a simple app that is easy to navigate and understand for all types of drivers. The main features are tracking fluid levels and being alerted if there are any issues.

The main page displays cards with easily identifable icons with a bar indicating the remaining fluid. The cards could then be tapped for more information. When there is an important issue with your vehicle, an alert would be sent. The user could choose to ask for more help or dismiss the alert.